Digital Literacy (#COETAIL)

A live feed of technology integration-related articles we’ve been working on. Check out the Digital Literacy¬†blog or click on an article below for a better view!


  • Becoming a YouTube Educator (COETAIL Final Project Reflection)
    Hey folks! We’ve come a long way these past two years, and I’m proud to present this video summary of my COETAIL personal project: Becoming a YouTube Educator. The Process Reflection This project represents only the beginning of what I hope is a powerful tool for my career, for the ... read more
    Source: Matt (#COETAIL)Published on 2017-05-24
  • Parent Guide to YouTube
    Hi folks! I know I know, it’s deadline time for final projects and I’ve yet to show my final video. It’s all been waiting for me to finish the final piece of the puzzle. In my quest to become a YouTube educator and make videos for kids, I’ve learned a ... read more
    Source: Matt (#COETAIL)Published on 2017-05-11
  • The YouTuber Experience
    Hey folks, It’s been a month since my last update, and by now I thought I’d be sitting here with a big grin enjoying all the results of my work on creating a kids-oriented edutainment channel on YouTube where I could post videos about skills based activities we don’t have ... read more
    Source: Matt (#COETAIL)Published on 2017-04-04