Language and Literacy (#SPELTAC)

A live feed of language related and international minded articles we’ve been working on. Check out the Matt’s SPELTAC blog, Camille’s SPELTAC blog,  or click on an article below for a better view!

  • Learning Coding vs. Coding Learning
    As part of the controversially named “Explicit Language” group (we are inquiring into discipline specific language registers and how best to incorporate them into our teaching so as to benefit learners of varying language skills), I couldn’t help but see connections as I began to develop new lessons on coding for ... read more
    Source: Matt (#SPELTAC)Published on 2017-01-11
  • Conversation starters: Games-based learning opportunities
    Hey folks! Those who have worked with me in the past know I’m a big fan of games-based learning. Nothing in my experience starts conversations with students in the way that games do: critical thought provoking, problem solving, challenge- or creativity-oriented circumstances where students are motivated to interact. Games such ... read more
    Source: Matt (#SPELTAC)Published on 2016-12-14