What’s in a name?


I sit here at my computer, awake much later than any rational person who has to face 450 children at work in the morning, and try to come up with a name. A name for a blog of all things!

It should be easy, right? Especially for a blogger, someone who has started many blogs over the years (all to be left gathering internet dust on whatever server dutifully still nurtures them).

Okay. I could take the low road, use my own name. Own it. Except having my name attached to anywhere I post spoken word teaching philosophies gives me anxiety, so that won’t work. So let’s take the high road, put something there about teaching and learning, about pedagogy over technology, or about how much I love learning to be a tech integrator. These would all be slick, if I could just get something with a nice ring to it that hasn’t been taken by all these motivated people I’m learning with (you’re awesome, I’m jealous). There are over 700 COETAIL blogs already!

We are learning on YouTube. Learning on Twitter. Learning on blogs and learning from each other. I am learning from people in Kenya and Tibet. I’m learning how to fix MinecraftEDU mods from 10 year olds and how to build a table from a 70 year old, neither of whom live in the same hemisphere as I do. We are learners in a gigantic world of knowledge that transcends the boundaries of our physical world.

We are tiny humans, with great ambition.

I think I’ve got it.


Not to mention, I’m just a lot bigger than my students.


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