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 Committed to bringing rigorous technology and curriculum based standards into dynamic learning opportunities for students of all ages, from first steps to sunset triumphs.

Digital literacy is at the core of our philosophy. We believe that growth mindsets and connected communities of learners are the key to future knowledge. Socially conscious, digitally literate communities are the foundation that knowledge is built upon.


Experience with both technology and curriculum based accreditation review. Integrated scope and sequencing, digital citizenship, coding and project based curriculum specialties.


Teaching technology alone is wasting time and resources. Teaching WITH technology is not. Help your students build understanding for their units by utilizing the best tech tools for the job at hand, whether that is an iPad or a pencil. 


Projects, problems, challenges, games and exploration. Develop understanding through doing!


In person and online workshops to get the most out of your staff and students.


Learn to take action in your community through digital design and social media platforms, all with safe, principled digital citizenship in mind.


From lego robotics competitions and hour of code to film festivals, hosting events can take your technology to the next level. 

About Us

Over a decade of digital literacy, information technology, community action and integration experience.

Matthew Dolmont

Tech Integration and Instructional Workshops

Digital literacy coach and tech integrator, Matt has been traveling the world to work with students of all ages. Strong pedagogy before technology is the key to integration success.  

Camille Garewal

Sciences, Community Action and event coordination

Camille brings worldly experience and organization skills to the game when flipping classrooms and challenging students with new and exciting takes on existing lessons.